Training & Coaching

Shayne believes in treating every horse like an individual. No training session is rushed and the program is designed with versatility to ensure eager participation from horses of all ages. Her schooling is fashioned as such: two days of ring work, one day of light work (hills, hacking, and cavalletti), two more days of ring work, and then a day of rest. With this mindset, the horses are able to perform to their fullest potential. Riders are taught with the same approach-- nothing is one size fits all and each lesson is tailored to help you reach your athletic goals. 


Full Training Benefits

- Individualized care. Daily grooming, medication application, and hoof care.

- Our horses are always "show ready," which means tails are banged, manes are pulled, and legs are trimmed.

- Daily palpating to check for muscle soreness, potential saddle fit issues, swelling, or joint pain. 

- Daily turnout. We can accommodate individual turnout as well as turnout with a friend.

- High quality, personalized feeding plans. We work with the best in the industry!

- Stretching before every ride to encourage relaxation in tense areas. 

- Close attention to any mood changes or signs of an unhappy horse... we find a solution immediately!

- Option of monthly chiropractic and/ or acupuncture with top professionals in the Los Angeles area.

- Legs iced as well as any other extra special care that may be needed!

- And, of course, professional and fun training for horse and rider. 



Currently, we have limited availability for consignment sales. Shayne only represents horses she has personally ridden and handled, so you can be sure to find the most appropriate match for your horse and their new owner.